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A few words on our company

DaoCoAudit is an independent consultancy-auditing and advisory firm. It supports corporations, medium and large enterprises, public and semi-private institutions and acts as an active finance and risk advisor to enterprises, senior management, shareholders and investors. DaoCo Audit was founded in 1980 over the years; our company's primary activity of accounting and auditing has become the provision of financial and accounting consulting services adopting international auditing standards. Our specialized team began operating 25 years ago in handling private companies accounting. The portfolio of services includes providing administrative management and l, financial counseling, financial and taxes services, legal and judicial custody, dissolution and liquidation of companies, feasibility studies, and all related services and activities.

Since 1980 we are fully specialized in providing consultancy and organizational services for various companies in the tourism sector, such as hotels and restaurants, as well as in the commerce and trade sector, as we handled commercial limited liabilities, joint stock companies and others. We have also provided services for retailers and contractors, witnessing a long experience with this type of companies. In the line of the international standards we apply in our activities, DaoCo is currently a member of The International Accountant Group (TIAG) an international network of independent accountants and firm and that in order to offer you better consultancy and advising in your business transactions

Our Teamwork

Our specialized team is always ready to provide you with the best consultancy services adopted according to your needs and policies. It works to monitor the quality of the audits of your entity and its interest providing procedures supporting the international audit quality.